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Are you thinking of hiring a private investigator?

You may think that private investigators are above the law. After all, they have access to information that the general public often does not, right. The most important thing to know about a private investigator is that they are required to follow laws. Contracting the services of a private investigator means you are hiring a licensed professional to legally gather information and facts on your behalf.

Private investigators can gather information and conduct surveillance. PI’s cannot threaten or intimidate people. They can’t sneak into your ex’s house at night and steal photos off a computer or break into a car to plant a bug. Investigators will not falsify records to gain information.

Be respectful of your private investigator’s professional integrity. If you are unclear about what they can and cannot do, just ask. Onpoint Security & Investigations’ private investigators are ethical thinkers. Our company will turn down any case we feel is unethical or illegal to conduct the investigation.

Onpoint Security & Investigations, LLC