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Special Events Security

Special Event Security provided by Onpoint Security & Investigations, LLC

When attending carnivals, music festivals, and other special events, guests and vendors want to (and should) feel safe. The crime deterred by the presence of security staff can be the difference between a successful event, and one that lives in shame for a long time following the event. The liability of the event host to the visitors is greatly reduced by the inclusion of a security plan and the implementation of a security guard company’s services. Let Onpoint Security & Investigations take care of the safety and security of the visitors, vendors, and personnel at your next event, and you will see The Onpoint Advantage!

Onpoint Security & Investigations’ special event security team will visit the event site and determine a plan of staffing and functions. Once that has been completed, a security planning meeting will take place with all parties involved (OSI leadership, event coordinator, local law enforcement, and emergency medical services) to discuss the risks, develop a response plan, and determine any additional mitigation to be considered. Once a security plan is approved, it will be immediately dispensed to security supervisors within Onpoint Security & Investigations, all security officers who will be assigned to the event, and the event host leadership and police and medical emergency agencies.

For outdoor events, Onpoint Security & Investigations will strategically place a mobile security command unit the day prior to the event start date. This command center will be the central location for security officer dispatch and reporting. In the event of a major incident, the security mobile command unit will be the designated place for law enforcement liaison with security (if feasible for safety and security purposes). This unit will be staffed by supervisor and higher security staff from beginning of the first day of event to end of the last day of the event, regardless of event operating hours.

More than an observer

Onpoint Security & Investigations security officers are trained professionals in the business of providing safety and security. The company demands excellence and the training program is designed to give the security officers the skills and training to respond to any emergency situation. Our security officers are certified in Basic Life Support (First Aid, CPR, and AED) for adults and children, CPI deescalation skills, handgun certification above the state requirements, as well as continued education for Private Security Bureau Administrative Code, Texas Penal Code and Texas Code of Conduct and Procedures.